Why is Fast ForWord So Unique

Well let us look at the name! “Fast” summarises the Learning Principles behind this program.  Fast ForWord is designed on the basis of how the brain learns.

F requency and intensity

        · Repetition and practise resulting in overlearning

        · New connections are formed between neurons

        · Fast For Word provides 12 weeks of concentrated training that produces enduring learning gains

        · 50 minutes per day, 5 days per week
        · Approx 625 learning activities in each 50-minute session

a daptivity

        · Fast ForWord is adaptive to each child’s ability

        · It Identifies the student’s individual learning weaknesses by analysing their responses to the exercise tasks.

        · The Program continuously adjusts the degree of difficulty to keep the student’s brain challenged.

        · The brain learns better if it is continually challenged.

        · There are 3 streams of Fast ForWord.

                   o       Fast ForWord for Preschool Level  (8 weeks)

                        §         Language Basics and Reading Prep

                   o       Fast ForWord for Primary School - Early Years Level  (12 weeks)

                        §         Language and Language to Reading

                   o       Fast ForWord – 9 years approx. and above, including adults.  (12 weeks)

                        §         Literacy and Literacy Advanced

s imultaneous development

        · Neurons that fire together, wire together

        · E.g. when listening, the attention chemical also fires. Combinations can also form with memory, sequence and processing speed


Click on the ladybird to read a summary of an article,
“Open a Child’s Window to Language” by Dr. Martha Burns



t imely motivation

        · Rewarded through release of dopamine when the answer is correct and a ‘ding’ is heard

        · Incorrect responses are not rewarded

How effective is the program?

Students can make gains of up to 1 -2 years in reading competency
and these gains are maintained without additional training.


Since 1998, Fast ForWord has been used by over 1 million students in over 40 countries including United States, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and United Kingdom.


Is Fast ForWord scientifically proven and researched?

Fast ForWord is based on proven neuroscience research
and is continuously validated by on-going research

Continuous studies of its use make Fast ForWord the most researched program of its type in the world. Fast ForWord is validated by independent researchers and is accepted by the scientific community.

Fast ForWord has been extensively researched with over 85 research studies involving 35,000 participants showing student academic gains.

Data independently gathered by many schools has shown that Fast ForWord programs actually build the learning capacity of the brain.

Fast ForWord software is recognised as a proven scientifically-based reading intervention program by leaders in the advancement of learning at leading educational organisations such as: Stanford University, Cornell University, UCSF Medical Center & Rutgers University.

Clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health in USA have confirmed the efficacy of Fast ForWord.

Brain imaging studies have shown that students with dyslexia have changed brain activation patterns, and significantly improved reading skills after working with the Fast ForWord exercises.


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